The Paris Community Pool is re-opened. For Pool Hours call 519 442 1818 or visit www.brant.ca 

On October 5 2011 Brant County Council gave final approval for the 1.57 million dollar project.We hope to defray that cost by fundraising 250,000 dollars.

On the right is the amount raised so far, and will be updated every month along with progress reports and photos.

In the calendar below find our fundraising events and initiatives.

To donate, it’s simple, just drop in or send your donation to: County Of Brant Pool Fund, 66 Grand River Street North, Paris Ontario, N3L 2M2. We accept cash, cheques or Interac.

To Volunteer or for more information, call Thecla (tek-la) Ross at: 519-774-2050.

Editor's Note:  

Dear Supporters of Our Pool, 

    Our thermometer is inching upwards and although the target sometimes seems unattainable your committee is not discouraged. We have decided to spread the fundraising over 3 years ($85,000/yr.) and in that way it  the task is much more doable. To hit our target this year, we only need 85 persons or groups or businesses to take on a small fundraising effort to raise $1000 each. For example; The Residents of Telfer Place have been collecting change  in a jar on a daily basis and have raised over $200 so far! It's efforts like this that will get the job done. How about you?  Let us know your plans. 

Thanks So Much! Thecla



Latest Updates:

Phase I completed: The pool basin has been totally replaced and made 35% larger. There is now an easy access "beach entrance" for toddlers and disabled persons, and there is more room for diving and swimming. The pump house has been replaced by a larger building to accommodate the equipment required for a larger pool.

Phase II will begin September 2013. The pool house will be replaced and made accessible to all. The area and parking around the pool will be re-landscaped and refreshed, with a new "shade area" created at the pool site for the sun-sensitive. read more >>